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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Computer Technology

As we all know Technology is the fastest growing industry, but when we talk about the Computer Technology and just look 20 years back, we will come to know the changes which have occurred due to the Computer Technology. Computer Technology has helped us in many ways. Computer Technology also helps in economic development. The way of doing business and various business meetings has been totally changed due to Computer Technology. Doctors can understand the Disease of the patient very easily just because of Computer Technology. The message to our near ones or any document which we want to give to our concerned business person can be reached very quickly through e mails. The length of the queues has shortened in railway stations and airports just because of online booking. In olden days when a pigeon or post man used to carry our messages to our near and dear ones it takes many days, but now email can reach them within a seconds even he or she is sitting abroad or in any part of our Country. Not only for delivering messages Computer Technology has bring a change in the way of meetings and conferences in Big Business Organizations. Earlier if An Indian wants to meet with An American Company, they have to Travel Abroad for the meeting, but now Online Video Conferences through various Messengers has helped in saving time by traveling to other Country, Now if we talk about the system of Higher Studies when the parents send their ward to other part of the Country or to some other country for higher studies, but now the system of Online Education helps a child to study from his home. This all was helpful due to internet, but when we talk about Doctors, even operations now a day are done through computers. The disease can be easily understood with the help of Scan, X-Rays etc. Computer Technology has helped not only Doctors or Business Persons, but it has also helps each and every person to increase their work speed and save their precious time